Rajshahi the daughter of the Padma River is in the northern part of the Bangladesh. With an administrative status of divisional town- with an old rich heritage of art and culture, with historic back ground of Raja Moharaja and Agro economy including sericulture- the special silk.

We inherit a colonial economic being ruled by the British and Pakistani region for about 224 years. After the independence of Bangladesh- business opportunity were opening and northern part of Bangladesh was leg behind due to business initiator and infrastructures facilities. An era of globalization and information technology the world has turned in to a global village with communication and connectivity- the ultimate key to development. Moreover globalization and its all-pervasive impact on states and their economies have made life more competitive, complex and technology driven. Interstate trade dependence, investment potential, and free flow of information and raw materials have made the world thriving on the edge of competitiveness.

However with all these hardship we started our business journey in 1982. The 3 decades long business journey was not easy to carry on. But with the blessing of Almighty-our commitment, honesty, business integrity helps us to grow till to date. Unlike others we also faced so many challenges, business hazards as a county like Bangladesh faces. Through our agro group of industries we are contributing in our export sector earning foreign currency, creating employments. We feel honored to be a team player for our socio economic development.

As a founder of this group of Industries I hope that the relationship with all our valuable clients will be strengthen more and more in the coming days and we look forward for developing more new relation with new potential clients in days to come.